Neck Lift

The skin around the neck is often the first skin to show visible signs of aging. The neck is an area that we commonly forget to apply moisturizer or sunscreen, and as a result we lose collagen and develop wrinkles. Since we often forget to apply any special treatment to the neck area, it often shows premature aging. There truly is no comparison to a facelift for achieving excellent reshaping and lifting for the aging neck. There are many non-surgical options that can help rejuvenate the appearance of your neck. Neck lines can either be horizontal or vertical lines that appear in the neck area.
Dr Reema Arora has a combination of treatments designed to rejuvenate the neck area. From Botox®, filler, PRP, threads and Radiofrequency.

INDICATIONS: • Sagging or droopy neck   • Fine lines on the neck  • Poor skin texture


Botox on the neck is great for the platysma muscle, which is found at the front of the neck and under the chin. As the skin in this area ages, neck bands begin to form, creating a look which many like to call turkey neck. A Botox treatment in this muscle will help make the neck bands that form around this muscle less prominent, relaxing the area and softening neck bands. Botox® can be used effectively on the cords of the neck to create a “Nefertiti Lift” and reduce wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging. The “Nefertiti Lift” involves carefully injecting Botox into the submental area and redefining the jawline and neck area and providing a “lift” to the neck area. If you want help to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your neck, then Botox® may be the solution.


The collagen in your skin is what gives young skin its firm, plump appearance. However, as we age our body isn’t as able to keep up with the collagen our skin needs to look youthful and firm. This is where PRP treatments come in, the growth factors can be injected into the areas we want those factors to be which stimulates collagen production in that area. The collagen then helps to restore that plump youthful look and smooth fine lines and wrinkles to reduce the appearance of ageing skin on your neck, face and hands.
The platelets injected also contain a range of growth factors that your body uses to rejuvenate tissue, more importantly, the process involves no down time, no surgery and within 3 weeks there is a noticeable difference in skin texture and tone.
Cosmetic PRP can be combined with hyaluronic acid fillers for quick volume correction. Fillers provide a matrix for building new collagen and can be used to accelerate and sustain the benefits of Cosmetic PRP.

Your blood is drawn, fed into a sealed test tube, centrifuged in-house and the separated plasma is mixed with actives. This is then injected into the layers of on your skin. Dr Reema Arora personally injects the area of treatment since injecting it in to the right layer and depth is most crucial.

You will see results in 2-3 sitting in terms of reduced wrinkles around the neck, there will be some lifting and rejuvenation of the skin of the neck.

Q. What Is PRP and how does it work?
A. PRP is an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma. And platelets are rich in growth factors, thus stimulating the tissue that it is injected into.
Q. How long do the results last?
A. Depending on the number of sittings and frequency of treatment which will be decided by Dr Reema Arora at consultation, results may last up to a year.

You may experience slight bruising, temporarily and some redness or uneven skin. It should take a couple hours of hours to settle down. The bruise will take a week to fully fade away.


In terms of non-surgical face lifts, “RF technology” can also be used to help improve the overall look of the face, neck and skin. This technology is typically used to heat the inner layers of your skin. This deep heating helps tighten the existing collagen in the skin while simultaneously stimulating new collagen production to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen is one of the building blocks of healthy, youthful skin that dwindles with advancing age.

A specially designed treatment tip is placed against your skin. Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin's tissue, heating the treatment areas and stimulating collagen production, you may feel a gentle vibration as well as heating sensations during each pulse

A major benefit of radio-frequency skin tightening is that the treatment induces collagen. Collagen is produced to tighten skin, healthy collagen is beneficial. And it may slow the signs of aging.

Q. How long do the effects of radio frequency treatment last?
A. The effects of radiofrequency treatments will continue to improve over the next few months following the treatment as the skin produces new collagen. Results typically last for a minimum of six months, although with ongoing treatments, results are often long-lasting.
Q. What area can I have treated?
A. Radio frequency is used on any part of the body which may be loosening, sagging or wrinkling, including the face.

You may experience mild heat and slight redness in the treated area though this will pass quickly. This is a perfectly normal reaction after having RF treatments and the skin will settle very quickly.


The Thread Lift is an easy way to smooth wrinkles and tighten sagging skin without going under the knife. The thread is fully absorbed into the skin by the process of hydrolysis within 4 to 6 months and doesn’t leave behind any scar tissue. The threads not only add an immediate tightening effect, as if a facelift has been performed, but over time they stimulate collagen production, so that even when the thread has dissolved the lifting effect remains.

First, local aesthesia will be used to numb the areas that are going to be treated, and then a small instrument (a thin cannula or needle) will be used to insert the threads below the skin. This entire process usually takes just 30 to 45 minutes, and the patient is free to return to work soon afterward.

Your skin will look immediately firmer, with lines and wrinkles appearing softer. Gradual results will also be seen over time as the Polylactic acid gets to work for a natural look. Collagen production will be stimulated and lost volume will be restored.

Q. What is a thread lift?
A. Threads are made from Polylactic acid and PDO. The threads are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue, which is 5mm underneath the skin’s surface, and boast a special patented design. Over time they gradually stimulate collagen production to restore facial volume and smooth out deep lines and wrinkles.
You will enjoy a dual effect following your Thread Lift treatment, first you will see an instant 1-2cm lift created by the threads. Then six to eight weeks after your treatment you will see a rejuvenating effect due to increased production of collagen, which is caused by the breakdown of the thread. The threads are completely biodegradable and will be safely absorbed by the body over ten to eleven months.
Q. Is a thread lift right for you?
A. Thread Lifts are recommended for people who are looking to combat signs of ageing caused by reduced collagen production. A Thread Lift is a great alternative to surgery but gives long lasting results, from 12 to 18 months.
Thread Lifts aren’t suitable for everyone, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who suffer from anti-coagulation or auto-immune conditions.
Q. How does a thread lift treatment feel?
A. You may experience some mild discomfort during your Thread Lift; however a local anaesthetic will be used to minimize any pain caused and to prevent any soreness.
Q. How long will the results last?
A. The treatment can last up to 18 months. Factors such as exposure to the sun and lifestyle choices may affect how long results last. An ongoing effective daily skincare regime is crucial to help promote and achieve optimum results.
Q. What is the aftercare?
A. It’s not recommended to undergo any treatments on your face during the week following your treatment. Any contact sports should also be avoided for the first few weeks and if possible sleep on your back to avoid complications.
Q. Can a thread lift be combined with other treatments?
A. Yes, it can. Popular treatments such as dermal fillers and skin peels can sometimes be taken at the same time. Upon your consultation you will be able to discuss your specific concern and treatment needs.

You may experience some light bruising, puckering of the skin, dimples from the entry points of the threads, swelling or redness after the treatment; however these side effects are completely normal and will subside on their own within a few days. In the event of pain, take a pain reliever as advised by Dr. Reema Arora.


Fillers are suitable for horizontal lines across your neck area. Fillers help smooth away lines, revealing a more youthful-looking neck. Hyaluronic acid fillers are perfect for these lines, and results last for several months or up to one year. It is found that a combination treatment maybe best for neck lifting. A long lasting solution, dermal fillers can be applied on the neck area to help minimise deeper lines and wrinkles as well as treat loss of volume.

Once the treatment area is cleansed, topical anesthesia is applied (if required) it takes 30-45 min to take effect, the skin is cleansed of anesthetic cream, a picture is taken and then the procedure of injecting filer with a fine needle is started.

Dermal fillers will restore the volume of the skin. The effects of dermal fillers last from 9 to 12 months. You may see some redness, bruising, swelling and mild lumpiness after the treatment.

Q. What are dermal fillers?
A. Dermal fillers are a hyaluronic acid based natural substance. This is normally found in the human body. As we inevitably begin experiencing the ageing process the amount of hyaluronic acid found in the skin begins to diminish – causing skin to look tired and lose its youthful glow. Dermal filler injections reintroduce the hyaluronic acid back in to your body. Dermal filler injections can be used in a variety of areas to add volume to the skin.
Q. Is neck filler injection safe?
A. Yes, Hyaluronic Acid inject able fillers like Voluma are safe and FDA-approved for use in the neck area.
Q. How long will my neck fillers last?
A. The results will last from several months to a year, depending upon the specific filler used.

Some common injection-related reactions may occur, such as swelling, bruising, pain, itching, discoloration, and tenderness at the injection site.