About Dr.Reema Arora

Dr Reema Arora has been a national and international trainer in BOTOX® and Fillers for the past 13 years. She has worked with Allergan India Pvt Ltd. as Medical Head- Facial Aesthetics and has the credit of training over 1500 Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons in the art of facial rejuvenation with injectables.
Dr. Arora has single handedly revolutionized the use of Botox and dermal fillers in India with new innovations and focus on Indian faces. She has perfected the art of using Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma amongst other injectables to rejuvenate, enhance and treat the whole face including -facial asymmetries, defining various facial features like the nose, jaw, lips and resolving excessive sweating.
Dr. Arora made the switch to cosmetic medicine in 2006 following her passion for Aesthetics. She has been trained in Australia, Korea and Singapore with acclaimed dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Dr. Arora is a medical graduate from St John’s Medical College Hospital and a postgraduate in Paediatrics.She went on to do her Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from London in 2018 and has gone on to become a brand in herself in Facial Aesthetics, continuously perfecting her well honed skills. Being India’s leading Rejuvenation expert for over 8 years, Dr. Arora has always been a pioneer in Injectables. She constantly updates her techniques and extensive knowledge of the subject by attending training workshops and seminars.

Academic achievements:
• Part of the International Consensus on the dosage of Botox at various sites, March 2008
• Conducted the first cadaver workshop in aesthetics in India in September 2013 to revisit Anatomy.
• Has conducted 2 RTM discussions with Indian doctors in Aesthetics in New Delhi
• Has been a faculty at various National and International Aesthetic conferences.

The Face Clinic

The Face Clinic originates from the fact that our face is what we present to the world. It is our identity and conveys our emotions through our expressions. Our face importantly defines the most crucial aspect of physical attractiveness.

The world should not set the standard for your perception of beauty, however sometimes you tend to be unhappy with certain characteristics of your features. For example: a nose that is too blunt or a chin too short. Ageing also plays havoc with your features and tends to take away from the charm. Today you have the option of not having to live with anything that lessens your confidence or self esteem.

Dr Reema Arora stands for excellence; she remains at the forefront of facial aesthetics, always in pursuit of introducing the latest techniques and advanced indications to The Face Clinic. She is a prominent Key Opinion Leader for a few major names of the industry.

Dr. Reema Arora has been trained by international standards for non-surgical facial reconstruction. Surgery used to be the only option for facial correction or reconstruction, however now we have high quality fillers which help get the desired features non-surgically like shaping the nose, enhancing thin lips, elongating the chin, defining the jaw line or giving you the much coveted high cheek bones. Dr. Reema Arora is extremely skilled in carrying out these procedures with excellent results.

The Face Clinic offers the finest cosmetic dermatology and smartly-ageing treatments using the latest techniques.Treatments for skin pigmentation, acne, acnes scars, skin-rejuvenation, Laser Hair Reduction. Hair-fall remedies , PRP, Hair-Meso and Hair Transplants .Concerns like sagging jowls, crow feet, frown lines, naso-labial folds, drooping corners of the mouth and loss of collagen in the cheeks and temples can be easily remedied with some highly skilled non-surgical procedures to wipe decades off your face.

The Face Clinic is an ethical blend of skill and latest technology, the balance being more in favour of the skill. Our trained and experienced team ensures you have a wow experience. Quality service is of paramount importance and the primary purpose is to ensure safe and satisfactory results and thus only US FDA approved products and techniques are used.

Visit The Face Clinic to fulfill your secret desire to look and feel like a star!

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